I’ve spent quite some time at Coursera recently, learning mostly about psychology. But I’ve decided to give creative writing a shot too.
This was a really fun experience!

We’ve been introduced to creative writing during my psychotherapy last winter. It was therapeutic, but not much fun, because of the topics.

I’d recommend it to everyone who likes writing at least a little.
It can do wonders for helping you express your emotions, creativity, or both.

I will share with you one of the weirdest stories I have written so far.

It’s from one of the Coursera’s assignments. I took the rules too literally, so the story came out really funny. English is not my first language, so I think I could be excused for making some mistakes here and there.
One of the rules was to use some particular words in every other sentence. This was the fun part.

The reading probably won’t be as exciting as it was the writing for me, but I hope you’ll get a bit inspired to try it for yourself.

weirdest short story

The Escalator

Emma might be a strange name for a closet. But in this story, you’re going to see many strange and unusual objects that are talking, walking, and are very much alive – except if they explode.
Then they die and poor Emma, wanted this too, because just like humans on Earth, the inhabitants of the planet Furnitra can get depressed too.

Emma’s life is like living in a cage because of it. She gets depressed every time she gets too empty for too long. So the trick is that she needs to have at least something inside on one of her shelves. If the closet is empty for longer than a year, it dies. It explodes and disappears into thin air.

Ema is living in a store, where she’s waiting for somebody to buy her, take her home, and store many things inside of her, for a long time. The only thing that is regularly put inside of her is a carrot or some other things, to show the customers different ways of using Emma’s shelves.
Her mood changes frequently, depending on the objects on her shelves (this closet might as well have a borderline personality disorder, not just depression, right?).

She was very happy in the days when her shelves kept some beautiful rings on their surface. Oh yes, those were the days. But sometimes it can happen that the only thing inside of her is just dust and Emma looks filthy. This is when they move her into a warehouse for a while.

Usually, they take her there by elevator, but if it’s broken, she might end up on the escalator, which scares her a lot and she might even lose her memory for a moment. My oh my, so much drama with a simple little closet. But you haven’t seen anything yet, wait for the tiger with ADHD. This story will get way more emotional. Oh yes, and dramatic when you met an old manic crow…

What about you, do you have any interesting experience with creative writing too?


  1. What an interesting and fun premise to make characters out of furniture! Creative writing is an excellent way to express yourself and to have fun too. Keep it up!

    1. I write a lot of short stories, and I enjoy it very much. I know that in novels, you get to know the characters, delve more deeply into their psyche, anticipate what’s going to happen, etc. But I believe a powerful message can be conveyed in a small number of words.

  2. I like your story, it made me smile!

    I did a creative writing course… Well, half of one… I had a crush on the teacher, plus half the time I turned up high on drugs… And then depression smashed me so I stopped going. But overall I did enjoy it and I’d really like to try again… Just this time with no crushes, drugs or depression!

    1. Drugs can really help to boost the creativity, but as you felt on your own skin, there are some downsides. The same goes for love.
      Interesting story, Rock, thanks for sharing.

  3. I love writing and have used it as a coping mechanism to help me handle my mental health struggles. It is great to see you write something as curious and enjoyable as this, thank you.

  4. That story is so innocent! 😁. It is unique and funny indeed haha. Especially considering that you took the rules too literally. It’s the kind of thing that I can totally relate to.

    What was the misinterpretation which you made of the rules? Was the intention that you should write a particular word every 2 sentences (the same one each time), but you took it to mean all of the words at some point in the story?

    1. Actually I took the title to serious and pointed the story towards the actual escalator (I never heard this word before). Nobody else did that.
      I used the words in the right way though 😛

      1. Ohhh! Haha 😄. That is funny. You mean they gave you the title of ‘The Escalator’? Or that the word ‘escalate’ was used in some way in the description of the task? Sorry, my brain just can’t leave things ambiguous 😅.

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